35 N. Maple Ave
Marlton, NJ 08053
(856) 988-8200

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Customer Reviews & Stories

"This is a well-run operation with knowledgeable service writers and outstanding class A techs. The true measure of good service is how well problems are resolved. The problem with the car was difficult to diagnose, but the techs were able to resolve complicated problems. If you're looking for a shop where you can rest assured that problems will be taken care of, this is the place to go."


"I had 1983 Camero that I took to them for servicing because it had been sitting for a while, they got it back up and running great for a fair price. I would definitely recommend them for a trusted service shop."


"fixed the problems right away, everyone was friendly. car was done fast too! no complaints. would recomend this shop to anyone."


"The work was fully explained as well as the costs. The service staff was very friendly and I was provided with a ride to and from my house while my car was being worked on because of how long the work was going to take. My car runs smoothly as only the necessary work was done which I appreciate."


"The name says it all..."Quality". They are price competitve, honest and cordial. The facilities are modern, clean and rival dealer service at lower prices. They even offer a complimentary shuttle. Thanks."


"Great job and friendly service. I have had brakes and muffler work done and both times the staff was great! The service was fast and done right. Thank you."


"Very happy and satisfied with the service received at Quality Auto. Everyone was very pleasant and polite and all work was done in a timely manner. The shuttle service was an added bonus. Would definetly use them again on any future repairs or work."


"Everyone who works at Quality Auto Repair made me feel welcome and comfortable. I was told everything that would be done to my vehicle and made aware of any problems found. The service was quick and convenient. I am very happy with the service provided to me and would recommend Quality Auto Repair to anyone. Will be back soon!"